Sustainable Packaging News are excited to invite you to watch our Circular Economy conference. We hope you find this video informative.

All these speakers have one thing in common, wanting to change the way we recycle our packaging so we can make the world we live in more sustainable. We know that by promoting Circular Economy, we will be able to educate and show people how we can better our efforts in recycling, reusing, and reducing the amount of packaging we use.

The SPN Circular Economy Conference features a variety of world-class speakers. They are:

Tom Szaky – CEO of TerraCycle
Tom covers all things to do with Circular Economy, specifically a circular reuse platform called Loop which enables consumers to purchase products in durable and reusable packaging.

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Nerida Kelton – Executive Director of AIP (Australian Institute of Packaging)
Nerida speaks about Circular Design and Refill which will cover topics on the goals which the WPO (World Packaging Organisation) have set themselves to reduce food and packaging waste as well as increasing awareness on packaging through education.

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Shira Rosen – Chairman of the Israeli Packaging Institute
Shira presents the different approaches for designing eco-friendly packaging and analysing the implications of each design.

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Valentin Fournel – Director R&D and Services Eco-conception at CITEO
Valentin explains the levers to make household packaging more circular and reduce their environmental impacts: from Reduction and working on the origin of the packaging materials to Reuse and Recyclability.

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Clem Ugorji – Founder & Lead Advisor, Circularium Africa Advisory and Strategic Advisor to the Global Plastic Action Partnership
Clem talks about Circular Economy on plastics in Africa, where there is a crisis of growing waste pollution of which plastics is a large and problematic area.

Gary Tee – Regional Sales Director at Tipa Corp
Gary talks about compostable and flexible packaging.

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Winfried Muehling – General Manager of Pro Carton
Winfried Muehling talks to Dr Rene Eckhart about how cartonboard can be recycled at least 25 times.

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Written by Dom Thorby